I am Dennis Nicholes and currently I reside on the southside of Chicago, Illinois. I grew up on the westside of the city and attended John Marshall High School, as did my mother (Marie), her sisters (Evelyn and Pearl), my sister (Dr.Rosemarie) and my five brothers (David, Luther, Prince No-Ra, Dr.Walter and Rev.Ricardo). My father (David) attended McKinley High School which is also on the westside of the city.

I am currently at Kate Starr Kellogg Elementary School in the roles of Attendance Coordinator, Security Officer, Status Coordinator and Technology Coordinator, as well as, an Independent Webmaster/Systems Technician. I have designed, built and am maintaining a few Websites.

I have received my certification as an Internet Webmaster from the Illinois Institute of Technology. I have completed IIT's Network+ and A+ Programs, as well as, the International Webmasters Association's (IWA) eClasses MacroMedia Flash Trilogy (Web Animation, Flash Intermediate and Advanced). Also, the IWA eClasses Recording and Publishing Video for the Internet and Paint Shop Pro 8. The upgrading of my Webmaster skills is on-going.

I am married to a wonderful friend, Patricia, who is also the Principal of Benjamin E. Mays Academy - BEMA. I have two handsome sons and two handsome step-sons, four beautiful daughters and one beautiful step-daughter, five spectacular granddaughters and one spectacular great-granddaughter, four beautiful grandsons, and three handsome/loving son-in-laws.

My Wife and Me.
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