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Literature Discussion Topics
What was your reading experience?
What did the author say?
What did the author mean?
How true is it?
Was it worth saying?
What was the significance of the title?
What does it mean?
Was there a double meaning?
Often a book begins with a quotation that sets forth the theme or tone of the book.
Epigraph may appear before the title page.
What did the epigraph set forth?
Were the characters believable?
Which characters did you like, hate or admire?
Were the characters exercising their free will or were they being acted upon by Fate?
Who was the narrator of the story?
Is the story told in the present or the past?
What was the motivation of the author?
What are the most important relationships in the book?
What are the most important events and milestones in those relationships?
Was the plot believable?
Was the resolution believable and satisfying?
What are the main confrontations, conflicts or tensions of the plot?
Was the setting important to the plot and/or characters?
What was the effect of the location on the characters' choices and attitudes?
Does the setting function almost as a character in the book or is it relatively unimportant?
Writing Style
What sort of imagery and language does the author use?
Is the story told in chronological order or through flashbacks?
Did the author use foreshadowing of certain scenes early in the book that are later developed?
Was the language stark, verbose, flowery or straight-foreword?
Were there many descriptions of the setting?
Was there anything strikingly different about this author's writing style?
Framing Scenes
How does the book open?
How does the book end?
Were these scenes effective?
What is the book about? (As opposed to the plot, which is "what happens" in the book)
What is the main idea that drives the action and the characters?
Did the book have problems?
What were they?
What changes could be made to make an even more effective book?

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