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Below are the Authors and some others who have surfed to the TLC website and signed our Guestbook. They are listed in the order of their signing.

Pam Walker-Williams
"The African-American Book Club Summit"

Karen E. Smith
"Wisdom From Experience"

Delores Thornton
"Ida Mae Series"

Pat G'orge-Walker
"Gospel Komedy Series"

Sandra Manigault
"Fragments of a Woman's Life"

Wanda Moorman
"In His Ex-wife's Shadow"

S. James Guitard
"Chocolate Thoughts"

L. Peggy Hicks
"Tricom Web Developers"

Lynn Emery
"Gotta Get Next to You"

Trevy A. McDonald
"Time Will Tell"

Dr. Idelia Phillips
"Star Light, Star Bright"

R. Barri Flowers
"When Night Falls"

Brandon Massey

Magdalene Breaux
"The Family Curse"

Kathleen Cross
"Skin Deep"

Delores Fossen

Theresa Banks
"Woman of Integrity"

Marlene Taylor
"A Silver Tongue"

Gayle Tiller
"No One Is Innocent"

Dorrie Williams-Whee
"Sparkledoll - Always In To Something"

Linda Dominique Grosvenor
"Like Boogie on Tuesday"

Natalie L. Darden
"All About Me"

Allison Hobbs
"Pandora's Box"

Sharon Cullars
"Celia - A Haunting Mystery"

Ursula Inga Kindred & Mirranda Guerin-Williams
"Sister Gumbo"

Electa Rome Parks
"The Ties That Bind"

Denise Turney
"Love Has Many Faces"

Alonda Alloway
"Just In Case"

Charlotte Russell Johnson
"A Journey To Hell and Back"

Thomas L. Miller

Ruth Bridges
"Atlantic Bookpost"

Adriene Pickett
"Never Forget The Bridge That Crossed You Over"

D. V. Bernard
"The Last Dream Before Dawn"

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