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Below are the Authors and some others who have surfed to the TLC website and signed our Guestbook. They are listed in the order of their signing.

Heather Covington "Disilgold Soul"

Christopher Chambers
"Chris Chambers Books"

Rosalind Stormer
"Healing The Breach"

Sharel E. Gordon-Love
"When He Calls"

"You Wrong For That"

Alicia Lake
"Kaycee's Mall"

Debra Phillips
"The High Price of A Good Man"

Cecilia Vaughn
"In The Bibilical Sense"

Shonia Brown
"A Deeper Love"

Cherlyn Michaels
"Counting Raindrops Through a Stained Glass Window"

Sandra J. Scott
"Becoming Whole Before Becoming One"

Linda Washington-Johnson
"Jackson Mississippi Readers Club"

Shelia M. Goss
"Roses are Thorns, Violets are True"

Curtis Bunn
"National Book Club Conference"

Marla Currie
"The Humours of Black Life"

Sponag E. Akowe
"Da Trendz Publications Inc"

Gene Wright
"Half Moon, Full Heart"

Moody Holiday
"Wild Innocence"

Emily Means-Willis
"Looking for that Silver Spoon"

Debra Clayton
"Rap Superstar"

Jason E. Ward
"Black Fatherhood"

Carole Lenzy Daniel
"The Other Side of Love"

Jessica Tilles
"Anything Goes"

Reginald Dunlop
"Love Notes"

Michael Gainer
"One Life No Sequel"

Eve Hall - Author/Poet
"Enter Eve's Biblical Blessings"

Marcelle Morgan Payne
"Degrees Of Grace"

Renea Overstreet
"Always a Bridesmaid"

Kia L. Reid
"My Side of the Story"

Carmel S. Victor
"Facing Our Skeletons"

Terence E. Jackson
"Playwright, Singer, Poet, & Novelist"

Monica Young-Freeman

Nancy Weaver
"In Her Presence: A Husband's Dirty Secret"

Kia DuPree
"Robbing Peter"

Joel McIver
"What Is Forever?"

C.F. Jackson
"Won’t Be Denied"

Latonya Y. Willams
"Mixed Messages"

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