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Below are the Authors and some others who have surfed to the TLC website and signed our Guestbook. They are listed in the order of their signing.

P. M. Morris
"Me Time"

Brian Kavanagh
"Belinda Lawrence Mystery Series"

Yasmin Coleman
"APOOO (A Place of Our Own) Books"

Alvin Hebert
"Croakersack Stories and Articles"

Dr. Patricia McCann Nicholes
"Benjamin E. Mays Academy - BEMA"

Gregory Keith Morris
"Next Lifetime, Zon and HNIC"

Paulette Harper
"That Was Then This is Now"

Nancy Weaver
"In Her Presence:A Husband's Dirty Secret"

Mae Turner
"A Violet Butterfly"

Jatana A. Williams
"In My Prayers with My Legs Wide Open"

Nnedi Okorafor-Mbachu
"Zahrah the Windseeker and The Shadow Speaker"

Foster Allen
"Inspirational Public Speaker"

Betty Oglesby Payne
"Shine Annie"

"Mind Games and An Act of Love"

Debra Clayton
"Joy and Paine"

John D Evans
"Diary of a Renaissance Man"

Lisa Ruth
"Online Mall of websites offering African American products and services"

Abraham Bolden
"The Echo from Dealey Plaza"

Marie Antionette
"A Girl Named Job"

P.D. Casely-Hayford
"Laterally Creative"

Karen C. Brown
"If the Tree Could Talk (oh what stories it would tell)"

Larry Mills
"American Inquirer"

Gary Peters
"Death and Life"

Nathan Richardson
"Voices from the Wombs of Wisdom"

Waverly Fox Teresa R. Jones
"Return to Your First Love"

Kenneth Bowens
"The Education Of Black Dickey"

Kelvin L. Reed
"President Pro Tem"

Dorothy Riggs
"How Do I Get There from Here?"

Ahjamu Umi
"Find the Flower that Blossoms"

Tony Scott Macauley
"A Dream Before Dying"

Michelle Janine Robinson
"Color Me Grey"

Dr. Myrtle Means
"The Recipe for Ecstasy"

Nakia Laushaul
"Running from Solace"

Leander Jackie Grogan
"Grogan Books"

Natalie M. Lewis
"Natalie M. Lewis Company"

Darrell King
"Darrell King Productions"

MJ Duffy
"Lost Love"

Jason Gilmore
"Somewhere Between Here and There"

Karrie Marchbanks
"Sweet Tea and Cornbread"

Stephanie Renee Bell
"Caramelle: There's No Place Like Home"

Chriscinthia Blount
"Making My Own Rainbows"

"I Am Worth The Effort"

Norma L. Jarrett
"Love on a Budget"

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