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Below are the Authors and some others who have surfed to the TLC website and signed our Guestbook. They are listed in the order of their signing.

Danyel Smith

Toy Styles
"Rainbow Heart"

Michael J Lore
"Live, Laugh and Love:The Golden Moments of Life"

Lawrence Christopher
"Mary's Little Lamb:A Mick Hart Mystery"

Carolyn Gibson
"Repairman Jones"

Patricia Wilson-Smith
"Duped By Love"

Andrea Blackstone
"Short Changed"

Kia L Reid
"A Lesson or A Blessing"

Vivi Monroe Congress
"The Bankrupt Spirit"

Phyllis R. Dixon
"Forty Acres"

Monica McKayhan
"As Good As It Gets"

Sheila Peele-Miller
"Painted Picture"

Brent Dorian Carpenter
"The 21st Century Chronicles of Thugg The Barbarian King"

Erica Perry
"A Lesson or A Blessing"

Patricia Wilson-Smith
"Duped By Love"

S. Stephens
"Am I My Sisterís Keeper? "

Irene J. Steele
"Some Glad Morning"

Kole Black
"The Chance She Took"

Skeeze Whitlow
"The Combo"

Tinisha Nicole Johnson
"Searchable Whereabouts"

Prince Justice
"Tutuoba: Salem's Black Shango Slave Queen"

Shon Majette

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